THE HART SERIES: Weigh In: Week 10

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Monday March 12, 2007

274.5 lbs

>> DOWN 0.5 lbs.
>> YTD Down 7.5 lbs.


Two consecutive weeks down by 1/2 a pound each week .. Okay. Not that great .. I admit that – but, I ended up the week with unused splurge points and that’s one of my goals. I still need to find me a good Orange supply (I like those 4012 large oranges). I tried getting Mr. Sun oranges, but I did not like them. I bought me some Red Delicious Apples, but I can’t seem to eat them without many TBSP of honey to go along with it!

I should mention – on Tuesday it’s my wife’s birthday and there might be chocolates involved, but we are celebrating it on Saturday with the whole family .. including pies, cakes, chocolates, donuts, and main course Turkey with stuffing .. I have to remember this each day tracking my food intake and counting points.

Also ..

Good news! The temperatures here in Winnipeg are starting to warm up, in fact we had two days of plus 6 celcius degrees in a row last weekend! It’s still averaging about -1c or less at night. I have dogs. If the snow and dirty sludge dries up soon .. I will be taking the dogs on more frequent walks. Currently, it SEEMS like a big deal, because it’s either too cold for them to stay out side that long – or, they get super muddy and frozen feet and I have to end up giving them a bath afterwards each time.

I know. I know. Small price to pay. Although, it just seems hard to get motivated when you are constantly busy as it is offline in the day to day work. Those browsing the links in the HART-Empire Network code in the sidebar might have noticed a major slowdown this month. On the last few days of February, I PRE-posted a bunch of posts on a majority of the blogs .. but, I think they have all expired – or at least will be very shortly and it might be vewwy vewwy quiet in most of my blogs.

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