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By Michael Russell

It is not easy to give up smoking, especially in the case of chain smokers who can smoke out packs of cigarettes a day, but one has to make a start somewhere to obtain results. Instead of just relying on willpower, a holistic approach plays a vital role in reaping rich dividends.

Stopping smoking suddenly: Abruptly giving up smoking isn’t an easy thing to do. Nicotine addiction is a serious problem and stopping smoking suddenly can lead to some temporary problems including rage and a feeling of uneasiness. With modern tobacco giants having increasing amounts of nicotine in their cigarettes, this is ever more dangerous, if not impossible to achieve. The tobacco industry literally has the smokers hooked on their products, if recent news reports are anything to go by. However, some people have managed to give up smoking with nothing more than willpower – which is required in quite a huge amount. Many people try to stop smoking, but fail many times in their endeavors to do so. However, after some help from an outside source, such as a councelor or religious person, find it possible to eventually subdue the need for cigarettes.

Using nicotine patches: This is often the most common way to reduce smoking and slowly stop it altogether. Since not everyone can have an iron will, or the ability to control their cravings for nicotine, this method will help most who are under the drug’s control. Nicotine patches help smokers who have been addicted to nicotine to have their “fix” of nicotine although in a lesser dosage. Over a period of time, the patches have a lower percentage of nicotine, eventually phasing it out completely. This ensures that the smokers can slowly give up their habit.

Psychology of smoking: Many people who smoke may not actually like to smoke but continue to do so out of sheer peer pressure. For instance, they might be in a group where their friends or family members are regular smokers and giving up smoking would make them the odd man out. This peer pressure does play a significant psychological role in many smokers not giving up smoking. Another psychological factor is about the issue of image. The visuals of the Marlboro Man, or movie stars or famous celebrities lighting up their cigarettes in style, does influence people to continue the so-called “glamorous hobby” of smoking. Little do they realize that the widow of Marlboro Man filed a suit and managed to win a settlement amounting many millions of dollars. In this case, one has to be very cautious and deal with it in a more mature manner. Does one want friends who do not care about their friend who wants to become a non-smoker, or should they choose a better life without drugs? The decision can be tough, but one that will benefit the person who chooses to give up the drug. Joining Smokers Anonymous in this case will be of immense help as it helps the smoker to identify with others who wish to give up this habit.

Michael Russell Your Independent Stop Smoking guide.

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