Oh! Look What I Found In My Basement!

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In Mid-February, I decided that I wanted to get a really good Treadmill and had it all picked out .. on sale at $1,499 CDN$ .. It had all the extras and goodies and was regularly on sale for $1,999 CDN$. After much research both online and at local fitness equipment stores .. my wife and I both agreed that this was the best thing to do .. to get a quality machine that would last a long time and fit in just the right spot in our Master Bedroom and then we can do a makeover! We fear if it was one of those cheaper models (which would have been just as good i.m.o.) – we wouldn’t have been committed as much and the equipment would just end up in our basement!

Which reminded me – OH YAH! I’ve Got Exercise Equipment In My Basement!

Well .. here are the “Before” pictures – before cleaning them up, and finding the right spot for them in my home. I loaded the pictures up in Adobe Photoshop and cut out the background, in an ERASERHEAD fashion as to not show you how messy my basement is, where I took the pictures, which was on last Monday evening. Since then, they have both been cleaned but left in my basement. I had been using the pedalling bike but, the tension is broken and not really working well, and in fact I have been using only the first machine .. and my knees are killing me! On the weekend, I am going to try to get both machines up into the spare room up here on the 2nd floor of our condo (next to my Office space here in my home) and somehow find time to use both of them each day.

Actually, I don’t even know what to call these machines!

* When I bought my 46″ Projection TV back in 1997 .. at VISIONS .. they threw in this exercise equipment when I purchased the 5-year warranty. It’s like a rowing machine, but when I row I end up standing up and down etc etc .. Sitting at a desk all day and then getting on this machine made my knees weak – literally .. MAN Am I out of shape~

* When my folks downsized to a smaller home back in 2001 they were giving all their excess furniture away and both myself and my brothers were taking the leftovers. All I wanted, besides a wall shelf for the basement .. (which I didn’t get) was their oversized treadmill. Well, they gave their treadmill away to their best friends instead .. and all I got was this exercise bike, that the tension didn’t work! It’s not a bad bike, as it’s like a rowing machine as well, except standing up/down like the above machine .. you are pedalling.

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