MS Support Groups, Helping People Cope With Their Diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis

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By: Rob Parker

You wake up in the morning feeling alone. This is the day after your diagnosis and you can’t believe this is happening to you. You haven’t been yourself for some time. After many visits to the doctor and some tests, the results are not promising, or so you think. How can this be happening to you? Where did it come from and why now?

The diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (MS) opens up unknown territory for most people. Your feelings of loss, anger, fear, frustration and denial are very real. Your reaction to this news is more normal than you may realize. Most people experience some, if not all, of these feelings when they receive unwanted news. It is very important to allow yourself to experience these feelings as you digest the news of your diagnosis.

The exciting information is that MS is well known and understood by many physicians and survivors of MS. Information on MS is easily accessed through the MS society, at the library, through your doctor and on the Internet. MS support groups are vibrant and active in responding to inquiries from individuals who have been newly diagnosed.

Your life and how you choose to live it is all up to you. Learning to be an active participant in living with MS means that you can have a full, dynamic and rewarding life, if you so choose. You will learn knew ways to manage the many tasks that face all of us each day. For the next while, you will be faced with making many small changes to improve your health and maintain your independence. Talking about MS and listening to others share their story of how MS has been life changing may bring with it surprises – the surprises you’re looking for as you adjust to accepting MS. MS does not have to change your life in the dramatically devastating way that you might think.

Embrace your future. You may have heard the saying “as one door closes another door opens.” If just for now try to consider that a “window of opportunity” has come your way. This may be your chance to review your life, how you are living, and seek support and guidance to create your new life path. You might be surprised what prospects may come your way.

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This article has been sponsored by the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada. For more information on MS, call 1-888-677-3243.

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