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By Marina Smiley

It is well known that there are many on-line users who are seriously addicted to the Internet. This addiction develops slowly, much in the same way as drugs or alcohol. It is easy to miss the point when one stops controlling his or her actions and addiction takes over. I know being one of those who missed the point a long time ago. Today I am trying to analyze how this happened and what the reasons were that brought me into this hopeless condition.

At first, I would occasionally use the Internet just for fun-to read anecdotes or chat on ICQ. However even in that innocent time, there were some early warning signs such as developing the habit of eating in front of the computer and even destroying my first keyboard by spilling coffee on it.

As time passed, I established some friendly and even romantic relationships with other online users and began to check my e-mail not only in the morning, but in the afternoon, evening, and even at night on the way back from the bathroom.

If I only knew how rapidly I was tumbling toward trouble, I might have done something about it. Unfortunately, as with any addicted person, I did not notice the things that may have looked weird to normal people.

Finally, I discovered that the Internet could be used not only for communication but for making money as well. Boy, how exciting it was to receive my first e-mail with the subject “You’ve Got Cash!“ I suspect that after that day it was impossible to turn the wheel of my addiction back.

And here I am: having more friends online than in the real world and running a full time business on the Internet.

There are five computers in my home. They are everywhere including the kitchen. If someone asks me why I need so many computers, I won’t be able to explain it clearly. Just the same as people who have a TV set in every room cannot explain why they do.

Because of my obsession with the Internet, I always travel with a laptop and stay only in those hotels that offer an Internet connection.

Even while shopping at the giant warehouse stores such as Sam’s or Costco, I cannot pass by the aisles with computers without trying to open a few websites. If I don’t have a little extra time, then I just try to open Google or Yahoo and take a quick glance at their homepages. After that I am able to continue my shopping in a very satisfied and happy mood.

Recently things turned from bad to worse. As I was walking through a new home builder’s models looking for a house, I noticed that fake computers placed for designer’s purposes made me nervous. In contrast, a fake TV or fruit display did not bother me at all.

Being a right-handed person, I learned to operate the computer mouse with my left hand, so that I will not be curtailed from browsing the web when my right wrist hurts.

When I read a newspaper and see the “” I subconsciously try to click on it, as if there was a mouse in my hand.

If I do not use the Internet for more than a day, I feel awful like it is the end of the world.

Because there is no such group as “Internet Addiction Anonymous,” I decided to write about my Internet obsession hoping that I can find other online users who are suffering from similar symptoms.

Marina Smiley is the successful author of many bestselling books who has proven that you don’t have to be an Internet guru to make a living online. Visit her site “Blogging: A Recipe For Money” for helpful information about simple way of making money online

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