How to Recognize Schizophrenia?

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By Groshan Fabiola

Symptoms of schizophrenia can be easily recognized especially by family members who see that the person is not like it used to be any more and go for a check up at the doctor’s.

Schizophrenia begins with a depression. This is followed by loosing interest in personal hygiene, by oversleeping or insomnia and a noticeable social isolation. A bizarre behavior will develop along with increased irrationality in statements and actions. Even the old relationships will be refused, indifference will install even inactivity. Some might become hyperactive and will develop intense preoccupations with religion will write non stop meaningless phrases, and might even abuse drugs and alcohol. Fainting is also frequent along with an inability in showing emotions like crying or laughing. If they manage to laugh they make it in a strange way that makes it inappropriate.

Some might lose their interest for sports and will not be able to concentrate as they used to and will forget a lot of things. Some develop extreme reactions to criticism and will even try to run away from home.

They seem to be so scared of others that they will refuse to touch anything and anybody and might wear gloves for protection. They might also adopt strange postures in order not to touch anything. They usually stare at people and sometimes they do not blink for a long time and when talking they use odd language structures.

In the worse cases they might attempt to suicide or to auto-mutilate.

In these cases sometimes is best for the families to like apart from the schizophrenic person. This is an act of love not a rejection and could mean an increase of independency for the schizophrenic person. The family does not stand for a hospital and can not take care of the ill person without getting stressed of developing physical and psychological damage. By giving independence to this person the time spend with the family will be more productive because stress will not be involved any more.

A schizophrenic person does not have a lack of intelligence and will sense if he has become a burden for the family. It is not fair to make him suffer of a guilt of which he is not directly responsible of.

Family members must try to go on with their lives and to develop their social life too. This does not mean that they will forget about the ill person, it means that they will only try to preserve their health too besides taking care of the sick person.

For more resources about types of schizophrenia or even about paranoid schizophrenia please follow this link

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