Depression—Healing is Possible

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By Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD

What is the cause of depression? Traditional Western Medicine, which includes Traditional Western Psychiatry, posits depression is the result of a chemical imbalance. Scientific studies claim to show that such an imbalance does in fact exist—but these studies are only performed on people who are being treated for depression. The question is, which came first the imbalance or the depression?

Traditional Holistic Healing a.k.a. Transformational or Metaphysical Healing knows that depression is anger turned inward. If you are a student of any spiritual tradition you understand that virtually everything in the world of form is the unfolding of spiritual reality—that all things are arising spontaneously within the field of infinite potentiality. Thus, the cause of the chemical imbalance is not the cause of clinical depression but the symptoms of it. The ‘cause’ or mechanism that lies behind the phenomena of depression lies within the limits of personal consciousness itself.

Depression is holding onto trauma, not consciously realizing that processing the feelings triggered by the experience is the solution. Thus, the anger is turned inward and held. We either identify with emotions as ‘ourselves’ [That’s just the way I am] to avoid or escape them or act out.

Depression is the result of the seeds of doubt; the doubt of life not having any real meaning, doubt of one’s worth and doubt about one’s abilities This doubt itself gives rise to various feelings and emotions which we then either cling to or resist, rather than processing our thoughts and acknowledging the misconceptions we have created. If we let the feelings pass through our awareness consciously, fully feeling and releasing them, depression would be avoided. The seeds of doubt are a result of early childhood trauma. Nearly everyone has some form of childhood trauma to some degree, which then creates the perception that the trauma symptoms are a ‘chemical imbalance.’ Thus, scientific studies can claim that such an imbalance exists because all persons with depression show some form of imbalance.

People with chronic depression are merely those who have remained unaware of how to successfully release doubts and emotions. With such misconceptions, doubt is either deeply identified with as the ‘self’ or is seen as the ‘enemy.’ Yet, doubt is a very healthy benchmark for the need of change and growth.

Successfully embracing and resolving doubt, so that a new, higher understanding can be reached is the way to avoid Depression as well as a way out. Doubt isn’t something to be avoided nor identified with. Doubt can be welcomed, embraced and intimately known as one does with a good friend, who shares their secrets of transforming that will change your life.

If anything can be referred to as the ‘cause’ of depression then, it is the lack of consciousness of the individual. From the literature of historical Wisdom traditions such as Zen and Vedanta, to the annals of modern developmental psychology, evidence clearly shows that individuals who have evolved to the higher stages of consciousness (not ‘states of consciousness,’ which are only temporary) suffer less from troubling emotions. Consciousness is the only genuine long-term solution to dealing with the symptom called depression.

It is understood that this explanation of depression is not the popular one, however, it is the one that can truly set you free. How? You might ask. The answer is: If you understand that you have in fact been creating absolutely everything you have been experiencing, you are able by acknowledging your responsibility to un-create [transform] any negative emotion which creates the plethora of so-called mental disorders. Responsibility without blame and constant surrender rather than resistance is the ‘way out.’ Depression really can be fully and permanently transformed—a.k.a.—Healed.

Although, one can affect this process, the majority of people want professional assistance to move the process faster and more effectively. This phenomenon is recognized as ‘We are our own worst enemy,’ because we can’t see the trees because of the forest.

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD, Author, International Speaker and Inspirational Leader specializes in Mind, Body, Spirit healing. Dr. Neddermeyer empowers people to view life’s challenges as an opportunity for Personal/Professional Growth and Spiritual Awakening.

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One Response to “Depression—Healing is Possible”
  1. BOB FIDDAMAN says:

    A Chemical Imbalance
    Neither GlaxoSmithKline or the MHRA can give answers as to what constitutes a proper chemical imbalance of serotonin in the brain – weird because Seroxat is prescribed for this ‘disorder’

    The only thing that I can see is that Seroxat actually causes the chemical imbalance rather than rectifies it – A genius piece of marketing by GSK.

    Prescribe a drug

    Let the patient get hooked on the drug

    Play down the risks by producing clinical trial studies beneficial to GSK

    Employ ghost writers and patient support groups to back up the benefits of taking Seroxat

    Robustly deny Seroxat causes aggression, suicidal tendancies etc

    Always settle out of court for any litigation

    Infiltrate the Medicines Regulatory Agency with former employees of GSK

    Fund the government

    Financially secure to research and market more SSRi type drugs

    Credit where it is due, the marketing team at GlaxoSmithKline are without doubt highly skilled at manipulating doctors and the general public.

    They don’t even klnow how Seroxat works – they are just pleased that it does work. Cases where it hasn’t worked – infact quite the reverse, seem to go unoticed – until the invention of the internet that is.

    The MHRA are proud of the Yellow Card system – Why?

    It is a completely flawed system and they only act on less than half of the Yellow Card reports.

    A more robust system would be for the MHRA to employ a person or persons with a basic grasp of internet seaching. Then, they will see the REAL suffering from the REAL people.

    Alas, they have ties to GlaxoSmithKline, namely Alistair Breckenridge and Ian Hudson. If they see GlaxoSmithKline have duped the public then they themselves have been duped by messrs Breckenridge and Hudson and that would cast a serious dark shadow on the MHRA’s integerity.

    They (The MHRA) have been investigating GlaxoSmithKline for nigh on four years now – my guess is they are waiting for a ‘busy news day’ until they release their findings. This way the story will be pushed to some small article in the tabloids.

    It is utterly shameful of any human being to cause human suffering. Both GlaxoSmithKline and The MHRA have continued to deny Seroxat is harmful in the adult population – forget the clever spin ‘dangerous in young adults’.

    GlaxoSmithKline are currently being sued through the courts both here in the UK and in the United States. It now needs a firm of solicitors with huge balls to sue the MHRA. There is enough evidence I’m sure to successfully bring them to trial.

    It will happen


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