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I thought I would jot down a few of my thoughts about counting cereal points.

Generally, the nutritional information for cereals call for about 1-cup of cereal with 1/2 cup of milk, or skim milk. I prefer 2% milk, and that is 3 points per 1-cup. Also, 1 cup of cereal is like a really low bowl of cereal so I tend to overfill my bowl to make it overflowing. .. so, my first bowl is about 1-1/2 cups of cereal. I then put in about 3/4 cup of milk (otherwise the cereal will float out of the bowl and onto the table). And, when I finish my cereal, there is usually a little milk left in the bowl, so just pour in some more cereal in to utilize the rest of the milk in my bowl!

I very carefully measured out my cereal eating habits one day, and feel comfortable that in most situations, I end up eating about 2 cups of cereal with 1 cup of milk. I figure – when I’m desparate that none of my eating habits is helping me lose weight, this is one portion control I will get a better handle on to reduce my intake.

I prefer to eat General Mills brands of Cheerios and other types of cereals that will be no more counting 2 points per cup. At Superstore, they have the bigger boxes of Cheerios and I seem to rotate between Honey Nut Cheerios and Apples and Cinnamon Cheerios. For some reasons, my two papillon dogs Maxxie and Sophie don’t like the apples and cinnamon Cheerios, but love the honey nut Cheerios. I myself, prefer the Lucky Charms cereal, which is also 2 points per cup .. but I tend to eat cereal more than one sitting in a day!

But – if you are looking to have the biggest bang for your buck of cereal – or rather, have the most cereal for the least amount of points .. this is what I would suggest …. my wife stocks up on it regularly, and I only eat it when I run out of Cheerios.

FLAX Cereal

The nutritional information calculates that 3/4 of a cup of Flax cereal is 1 point .. but, if you do the math and extrapolate in up to 3 cups of cereal – it calculates to be 3 points! So – I’ve been just calculating it to be 1 cup = 1 point for ease of remembering.

It’s pretty tasty .. if you like Corn Flakes and those type of cereals that get mushy if you leave it too long 🙂

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