Your Lifestyle And Your Risk For Bladder Cancer

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By Marcus Stout

Each year more and more research is conducted on how to reduce your risk of developing cancer. For some forms of cancer, it’s fairly simple to understand how to reduce risk.

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2 Responses to “Your Lifestyle And Your Risk For Bladder Cancer”
  1. HART says:

    That’s Wonderful news Vasudevan KS .. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Vasudevan KS says:

    Hi All,

    My brother was found to have malenoma ructum and was done a colostomy operation in last July. A chest scan disclosed spread in the lover lobs of both the lungs. From then on it was a real fight for survival. And today that is 17th of Feb. 2007 I am the happiest man on world. Because tody his lungs in X-ray showed normal and also the lever, pancreas, spleen, etc all found normal. He is still not 100% gealthy. Yet I think for the time being the horror of cancer is over. I will put up a blob for the whole story, medicined and developments.

    Thank you all


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