What Can Be The Cause Of Your Depression and Stress?

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By Shezz P

The way we think can be a big influence on whether we are likely to develop depression. There are many articles available about how positive and negative thinking affects the body. A person who generally is a positive thinker is more likely to be a happy, carefree individual, while a person who generally thinks negatively would be an unhappy person and much more likely to develop depression.

For someone who is a naturally positive thinker, they wouldn’t think twice about ‘how they think’ because they don’t need to. They are happy, they are doing everything right, there’s no need for change so no need to think about it. However, for someone who is habitually a negative thinker, it can be very hard to change to the positive thinking attitude. Even when you try your hardest, you may succeed for a while but often that negative thinking gradually works itself back into your mind, it is very, very easy to fall back into the negative pattern.

There are many aspects of daily life that cause you to start thinking negatively in the first place. Things like finances and whether you will have enough money for your future. It can bring you down if you can’t afford the nice luxury items that your friends may all have, if you don’t have nice clothes and a nice big house, these things you are reminded of every day so it is hard to think positively about them.

Some people get very stressed about something they may have done and later feel bad about it. A positive thinker would probably just brush it off and forget about it, but a negative thinker is likely to dwell on it for quite a while.

Unable to break habits like smoking, drinking, eating, all of these are hard habits for anyone to break, but for the negative person, the longer you continue with the habit and not being able to break it, the more negative you feel about yourself.

The type of diet a person has can ultimately cause depression. The foods you eat has such a major effect on your health. Eating the wrong types of food over a long period can lead to diseases like heart disease, obesity and diabetes, these conditions can be a major cause of depression and stress.

People are faced with difficult situations throughout their lives and some people deal with them better than others. The way we deal with these situations may cause depression. Stress is something that everyone deals with from time to time and for the negative person, stress can really effect your mind and body. The longer you go through life not being able to deal with stress the more effect it will have on your body and depression is quite likely to develop.

Everyone should learn coping techniques and ways to deal with stress. Stress can sometimes be avoided but unfortunately it cannot always be avoided, we will all encounter stressful situations and so it is vital that we learn to cope with them. We need to be able to deal with it, then forget about it. We need to learn to ‘let go’.

If you do suffer from depression it can help to sit down and reflect on your day or week and pick out moments that could be contributing to the way you feel, and see if there is a way that you could deal with it differently.

For the negative thinking person, it helps to keep a notebook or diary and on a daily basis write down all the positive things that happened throughout that day. By writing it down it helps to focus on the positive and not on the negative.

Sheryl Polomka is a depression sufferer who has worked hard to overcome her illness. She is now devoting a website to depression in the hope of helping other depression sufferers. Visit her depression website at www.depressiondays.com or read her own depression story at www.depressiondays.com/mystory.html

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2 Responses to “What Can Be The Cause Of Your Depression and Stress?”
  1. Well said James! I especially liked Sheryl’s tip about writing something positive down during the day to keep focused on the positives.

  2. I liked this article. In these stressful times we are living, everything can be a cause for depression. We should learn how to recognize the signs of the depression and some basic methods to deal with it. These are the basic steps to overcome depression.

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