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Coffee – 1 point
Orange – 1 point

Day At The Festival Du Voyageur 2007

I’ve posted all of the pictures of our day spent at the Festival du Voyageur 2007 over on our personal site .. HARTandYVONNE .. if interested – take a look!

This is what I ate all day:
>> At the Festival
About 20 Tom Thumb Mini Donuts ..? – taking 20 points
Voyageur-Made Maple Candy Cane from scratch .. – taking 2 points
>> After the Festival (Perkins Restaurant)
Steak Scrambler, with 2 Rye Bread and Peanut Butter, and fresh fruit – taking 23 points based on the closest thing I could find on the internet – with 1029 calories and 78g fat! (it had eggs, steak, potatoes, gravy, hollandais sauce, mushrooms, etc – see picture)
1 scoop of vanilla ice cream – 2 points
with chocolate syrop – 1 point

Snacks Instead Of Dinner

Orange – 1 point
13 Wheat Thins – 2 points
2 Skim Cheese Slices – 2 points


>> Total 55 points
>> OVER by 23 points! I am now 21 points OVER my weekly splurge / flex points allowance of an extra 35 points – NOT GOOD.

>>> But, it was a nice day spent with the family – so, no other comments.

Pictures Of Food that I took today

We had to make our own Maple Candy Cones .. they pour Hot Maple sugar syrop on a bed of snow ice and attach a popsicle stick Mmmm

And finally, we went to Perkins afterwards and this was my meal - the Steak Scrambler with Rye Toast and Peanut Butter and some fresh fruit and coffee

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