THE HART SERIES: Counting: February 14, 2007

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Happy Valentine’s Day to Everybody~

Breakfast (includes gift/card giving)

Coffee – 1 point
Orange – 1 point
1 chocolate @2ea = 2 points


2 cups HART’s Famous Pasta Salad – 6 points

Snacks During the Day

2 chocolate Malted Balls @1ea – 2 points
2 chocolates @2ea – 4 points


Garden Salad – 0 point
with yellow pepper – 0 point
with 1 hard boiled egg – 2 points
with 50g shaved turkey breast – 1 point
with grated cheddar cheese – 1/2 point
with grated parmesan cheese – 1/2 point
with 14 croutons – 2 points
Homemade “TIM HORTONS” Hot Chocolate – 3 points (for 2 heaping TBSP)
with 1/3 cup of mini-Marshmallows – 1 point
Dessert – what else (over course of evening)
about 18 Chocolate Malted Balls @1ea – 18 points
I believe 2 chocolates @2ea – 4 points


>>Total 48 points
>> OVER By 16 points! 6 splurge points remain for the week

>>> Yes I know .. DAMN ME ..and damn the chocolates 🙂 but heck .. it’s Valentine’s day!

>>> Just off-topic, but I got that Tim Horton’s Hot Chocolate for my birthday last year. I was at the instant teller at 7-Eleven last night and saw that they had these micro-mini marshmallows for the coffee now. I couldn’t find those dehydrated ones at Superstore (when I went shopping with my wife), but I did find those mini marshmallows as in the picture. I was surprised when I did the calculation that 2 heaping TBSPs of hot chocolate is 3 points .. but, I guess it’s chocolate!

Picture of My Dinner, excluding the Chocolate

>> All in all .. I don’t feel like I overate and had a nice enjoyable late afternoon and evening with my wife on Valentine’s day. The cards we gave to each other were great too 🙂

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