THE HART SERIES: Counting: February 12, 2007

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Coffee – 1 point
4 Whole Wheat toast – 4 points
with Peanut butter – 4 points


Cheerios – plus refill – 4 points
plus 1 cup of 2% milk – 3 points

Snacks during the day

Nutrigrain Sweet & Salty bar – 3 points
Thinsation Oreo cookies – 2 point
Singles Pringles – 2 points


Nutrigrain Sweet & Salty bar – 3 points
2 cups of HART’s Famous Pasta Salad – 6 points


>> Total 32 points
>> Even .. have all my 35 splurge flex points left

Picture of my dinner

I didn’t take any picture of food today. Some one vandalized our front house, stole extension cords, stole some homemade CD’s out of my back seat and left my door open and my battery was dead in -35c temperatures today. I just ate fast food all day .. I was supposed to go out to a client’s but, it was postponed until tomorrow.

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