Three Shocking Reasons Why You Prevent Yourself From Healing From Anxiety!

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By Alexandra Mannock

If you suffer from anxiety, you know exactly how incredibly hard it is to make it go away. Every day you wake up and hope that you can somehow calm down, relax, and get better. You’ve tried everything from medication to psychotherapy to self-help books…but nothing seems to work!

The sad part is, after all of that exhaustive work you’ve done to get rid of your stress, you throw your hands up and say, “No one can fix me!” …and then you decide that since nothing can be done, you’ll simply suffer in silence, go on with life, and “cope” with this thing called “anxiety.”

Let me tell you something that will both shock you AND give you incredible relief: You’ve always had the power to make your anxiety go away for good, but you are blocking yourself from doing this. Yes…You heard me…You are actually “preventing” yourself from getting cured!

Listen carefully, because you should know that there are three “Blocking Behaviors” that you are likely engaging in to impede your healing process, and stop you from enjoying a stress-free life. Here they are:

1. Obsessive Negativity

When you are obsessively negative, it means that you have a tendency toward being “negative” about people, places, situations, and things in your life. Perhaps you find yourself saying things like “I can’t do this!” or “No one understands!” or “Nothing ever works!”, for example. You may be doing this unconsciously, but essentially you have what’s known as a “sour grapes” attitude, and it holds you back from knowing what it’s like to view life from a positive lens and enjoy the beauty in yourself and people around you! There’s a whole world out there for you…with happiness and positive thinking.

2. Obsessive Perfectionism

When you engage in obsessive perfectionism, you are centered on trying to do everything “just so”…to the point of driving yourself into an anxious state of being. You may find yourself making statements such as, “I have to do this right, or I’ll be a failure!” or “If I am not precise, people will be mad at me!” Again, this behavior may be totally under the threshold of your awareness, but it interferes greatly with your ability to enjoy things without feeling “uptight” and “stressed.”

3. Obsessive Analysis

When you are obsessed about analyzing things, you find yourself wanting to re-hash a task or an issue over and over again. For instance, you might find yourself making statements such as, “I need to look this over, study it, and know it inside and out…or else I can’t relax!” or “If I relax and let things go without looking them over repeatedly, things go wrong!” While analytical thinking is an excellent trait, if it’s done in excess you never get to stop and smell the roses because you’re too busy trying to analyze everything and everyone around you. Gaining insight into this type of behavior is one of the most important keys to letting go of stress, and getting complete power over your anxiety.

If you find yourself engaging in any of the above “Blocking Behaviors”, there are two things you can do to help yourself:

1. Ask the people you know, love, and trust, “Am I negative about things?”, “Do I complain alot?”, and “Am I difficult to be around?”

This may be hard for you to listen to, as the truth sometimes hurts a great deal. But the insight you will get from others’ assessment of you is invaluble, and you’ll know precisely how others see you. Accept their comments as helpful info, and know that you will gain amazing insights from what you hear.

2 Keep a journal to write down and establish patterns of when you are using “blocking behaviors.”

Even if you are not thrilled with the idea of writing, you can make little entries into a note book or journal each day. The great part is, you’ll begin to see patterns in your behavior that reveal exactly what you’re doing to prevent yourself from curing your anxiety.

Alexandra Mannock, MA, CAGS is a former psychotherapist who offers a free five-day mini-course revealing untold secrets to cure your anxiety the easy way…without medication. This course is available now at: Alexandra also recently released an amazing new e-book entitled “Anxiety Zapper: The Easiest Guide To Having Complete Power Over Your Anxiety!” Find out what everyone is raving about at:

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