THE HART-SERIES: Monday Weigh In: Week 2

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Monday January 15, 2007 Weigh-In

276.5 lbs

>> I’m DOWN 4.0 lbs … Woohoo!
>> YTD Down 5.5 lbs


Despite movie popcorn day on Saturday and an open faced chili burger Sunday dinner … I think this past week is what I would like my typical eating week to be like. Rather than me averaging out the extra 35 weekly splurge or “flex” points and have something like 37 points per day limit, I want to try to keep under my daily 32 points .. and maybe (if it happens) splurge on a Saturday night with my bonus points. And, then keep it back in control for Sunday and my Monday morning weigh in.

I’ve added a ticker at the top of this column, from .. to visually display the cumulative amount of weight that I will have lost since January 1, 2007. I will update it every week as I go along! I just set the maximum time length to be 100 pounds, although I think technically, according to some standards – that’s probably close to how much weight I should be losing anyway .. and not be classified as “obese”.

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