THE HART SERIES: I’m back on my diet .. Week 0

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Happy New Year everybody and.. welcome to my 2007 Diet Blog

I joined Weight Watchers in May 2005 with my wife. You can read the story in the sidebar category HART: Getting in Shape .. if you want – I’m through recapping the past and trying to figure out what the heck happened .. I want to move forward, so here we are today.

To this day, I believe that I’ve done good – because I’m eating MUCH healthier than I ever was, and feeling better and enjoying my meals. I’m quite aware of what I am putting into my body. Yet – I’m not losing weight.

Does that sound familiar? I’m eating healthier .. but I think I have been going over board with my portions (and there’s a few other reasons .. “Guilty!”) and it’s time to get back on track.

Welcome back to this category called “HART: Getting In Shape“. I will be posting my daily attempts to lose weight and get healthier .. and you are welcome to read and follow me along. You can cheer me if you want, or if you want to join in and keep track of your own results .. we can cheer each other. And, if you ignore me .. that’s cool too, because this isn’t about you – it’s about me .. HART: Getting In Shape!


* When I joined up in May 2005 .. I weighed in at 291 lbs.

* January 1, 2006 I was down to 266 lbs (I thought it was 257lbs but our scale was 9 lbs shy)

* January 1, 2007 .. I weighed myself again, and I was 282 lbs. (so I’m up 16 pounds in 2006)

All my posts related to myself, will start with the three words … THE HART SERIES. I will still be posting articles and other information and links out here in this blog .. so you can easily identify the ME-ME-ME posts in your RSS feed reader and can easily bypass it to the next article.

For everybody starting a new diet today, on the road to losing weight .. GOOD FOR YOU AND GOOD LUCK!

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