THE HART SERIES: Counting: January 28, 2007

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Coffee – 1 point
2 whole wheat toast – 2 points
with Peanut Butter – 2 points


Garden Salad – 0 points
with onions – 0 points
with red peppers – 0 points
with Sunflower seeds – 1 point
with bacon bits – 1 point
with 14 croutons – 2 points
with 100g shaved turkey breast – 2 points
with Caesar dressing – 2 points
with some grated cheddar cheese – 1/2 point
with some grated parmesan cheese – 1/2 point

Snacked on during the day

14 Wheat Thin Crackers – taking 2 points (2pt/13)
with 2 slices Skim Milk Cheese Slices – 2 point
2 homemade donuts (no yeast) – 4 points

Dinner at my Dad’s Birthday Sunday Dinner

Salad ( plain – 0 points
Baked Roasted Chicken Breast (150grams) – 3 points
withOUT the skin (my dogs Maxxie and Sophie were glad to help me with that), but I rubbed the sauce on the chicken 🙂
with BBQ sauce on – taking 1 point
Ribs – 3 pcs, but only ate 1/2 of them – taking 5 points
Mini Sweet potatoes in Margarine – taking 4 points
Jeanies Birthday Cake (9pts for 3×3) – 6 points
plus 1/2 cup low fat ice cream – 2 points
with regular caramel syrol – taking 1 point
Plus 2nd smaller piec of Jeannie’s cake – no ice cream or syrop – taking 3 points


>> Total 47 points
>> OVER by 15 points .. leaving me to end this week with 2 splurge flex points remaining

>> It was a double header this weekend, as it was my dad’s 72nd birthday last Friday. I managed to turn that day into a visit, instead of a meal-fest, and we planned for something on Sunday. It was pretty nice dinner (as my mom’s a great cook!) and the whole family was there and so was my dad’s older brother (my uncle) and my aunt who are 79 and 78 respectively
>> We bought my dad a new DVD player, so he can watch movies and my brother brought the movie CLICK with Adam Sandler .. My brother’s bought him a little fish tank that fits on a counter 10″ wide and 4 guppies, although one was pregnant. He’ll be getting a surprise soon enough~
>> I should follow up on this, but my taking pictures during the meal inspired my aunt and uncle to want to check out Weight Watchers .. as they are offering a 10-free-week membership drive here in Winnipeg.

Pictures of our Dinner

That “under-the-plate” plate thingy looks nice

Just a garden salad and water for me

Ah! The Main Course

This was the ‘first’ dessert plate I had

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