THE HART SERIES: Counting: January 20, 2007

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Coffee – 1 point
Cereal – Cheerios and refill – 4 points
with Milk 2% – 2 points


8 Melba Toast – 2 points
with Peanut Butter – 2 points
with Orange – 1 point

Snacks during day

2pm Single Pringles – 2 points
11pm at airport – Tim Hortons, 10 Honey Glazed Timbits – 10 points
with Coffee and double Cream – 2 extra points taken


Boston Pizza – Individual Size Mardi Gras Style Pizza22 points
(Salsa, mozzarella, cheddar, tender cajun chicken breast, spicy Italian sausage, pineapple and green peppers)
Individual Kit Kat Singles – 2 points
Individual Aero Singles – 2 points


>> Total 52 points
>> OVER by 20 points! 4 splurge flex points remain for Sunday

>>> My wife had an urge for Pizza for supper, end of story! Also, I forgot to check the arrival times when I was supposed to pick up my folks at 23:05pm at the Airport .. their plane was delayed 28 minutes. I’m glad I had that late night snack, as it turned out that the airport broke my dad’s Walker/roller/chair unit. We got the attendants to double check the empty cargo section and found 2 of the 3 missing parts, but I think they can easily find a replacement for the third part.
>>> I will probably regret Monday’s weigh in, however at least this wasn’t a Sunday! My wife is suggesting that I change my weekly weigh in, to Saturday Morning .. but for now I will keep it at Monday morning .. because I don’t really care that much – it’s the consistency of it that counts to me. So what I ate a lot today! It could have been the same last week, or next week. It’s where that top ticker count goes is what counts – towards the right side!

Pictures of my dinner



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