THE HART SERIES: Counting: January 19, 2007

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Coffee – 1 point
4 whole wheat toast – 4 points
1-1/2 TBSP Peanut butter – 3 points

Lunch at the Palatal Express Restaurant

Large Mongolian Style Beef & Chicken Stir Fry – 9 points
add: 4 TBSP Sweet and Sour sauce (1 point per 2 TBSP) – 2 points

Snacks during the day

large oranges – 1 point
Single 100 calorie Pringles – 2 points
Single 100 calorie Pringles – 2 points
large oranges – 1 point
Late Night Snack – large bowl of dry cheerios – 4 points


Garden Salad – 0 points
with green onions – 0 points
with white onions – 0 points
with red peppers – 0 points
with bacon bits – 1 point
with sunflower seeds – 1 point
with 14 crouton – 2 points
with 100 gram Turkey Breast slices – 2 points
with 2 TBSP Bblue Menu Ranch dressing – 2 points
Single 100 calorie Pringles – 2 points


>>Total 39 points
>> OVER by 7 points, 24 splurge flex points remain

>>> For some reason I had an urge for Pringles today. I was out and about and stopped at my favorite stir fry place. You line up like a Subway and choose your ingredients (I select egg noodles, 2 scoops onions, 2 scoops carrots, bok choi, green pepper, zuchini, beef & chicken and 2 scoops express special sauce and 1 scoop teriyaki sauce. I count a large as 9 points, and a regular as 7 points. Sweet & Sour is extra.

Pictures of My Lunch and Dinner




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