THE HART SERIES: Counting: January 15, 2007

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Coffee – 1 point
Large orange -1 point
2 whole wheat toast – 2 points
with 1 TBSP peanut butter – 2 points


Reeses Peanut Butter Crunch bar – 5 points
100 calorie Pringles Singles – 2 points
Large orange – 1 point

Snacks during the day

Large orange – 1 point
Oreo Thinsations – 2 point
Pringle Singles – 2 points


Boiled Stir Fry with Meatballs..
5 Blue menu Italian Beef Meatballs (2pts/4meatball) – 2-1/2 points
5 Blue menu Chicken with cheese Meatballs (same) – 2-1/2 points
almost 2-1/2 cups Zen Vegetables (Peas, corn, etc) boiled (1 pt per 3/4 cup) – taking 3 points
Large Orange – 1 point


>> Total 27 points for today
>> UNDER, so all of my 35 splurge points remain

>>> I was out and about today and as you can tell my lunch wasn’t too healthy. I decided to stop at Sobey’s to get some more #4012 oranges. I noticed the blue menu items in the freezer and picked up some frozen vegetables to make it into a meal! The beef meatballs were quite tasty but the chicken with cheese was actually delicious! In the microwave .. (my wife had 8 and I had 10) .. it just took 4min 15sec to prepare.
>>> I boiled the vegetables, it wasn’t that great. I made the mistake of just putting it in water and THEN turning the stove top on. Instead – I should have just boiled the water first. But, I love peas and corn and carrots and it was something new and still tasted okay.

Pictures of my Dinner



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