Signs Of A Panic Attack

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By David Sodergren

Worried that you may have gotten a panic attack? I know you are worried but try to relax. Panic attacks are scary but they are NOT dangerous. I repeat they are NOT dangerous, remember that.

How do you know if you have a panic attack?

These signs/symptoms are common among those who suffers from panic attacks

Raging heartbeat

Difficulty breathing, feeling as though you ‘can’t get enough air

Terror that is almost paralyzing

Nervous, shaking, stress

Heart palpitation, feeling of dread

Dizziness, lightheadedness or nausea

Trembling, sweating, shaking

Choking, chest pains, distress

Fear, fright, afraid, anxious

hot flashes, or sudden chills

Tingling in fingers or toes (‘pins and needles’)

Fearful that you’re going to go crazy or are about to die

If you are suffering from any of the signs/symptoms above you could be having a panic attack!

If you found yourself in a panic attack there are some quick temporary solutions

Take deep long breaths

This lowers your heart rate and relaxes your body. Think of breathing like the waves of the ocean. The waves of the ocean are constant. Think of a wave that rises when you breath in. When you breath out it fades. Hear the waves, see them rise and fade slowly. Feel the calmness”

Think of the word “calm”

The brain can only think of one thing at a time. If you think of the word calm you block the brain from doing any other thinking. So think of calm and picture yourself being calm. Repeat the following sentence to yourself: I am calm, i feel calm.

Cover your right eye and your right nostril

This is a yoga technique and are over 5000 years old. The right side of the body are connected with the left side of the brain. The left side of the brain is the biggest cause for panic attack. If you cover the right side eye and nostril you slows down the left side. As an effect you use your right brain side more and this side is very relaxing.. You become very relaxed. Combine this exercise with the 2 above and do this until you feel better.

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