HART’s Famous Hash Browns with Eggs Recipe

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Before I met my wife, I lived in a dumpy house that had no stove. But, I did have a microwave and a BroilKing Double Burner Range on the counter. And, if you ask anybody who is related to me, or was invited over for dinner .. it was probably for HART’s Famous Hash Browns With Eggs.

I was proud of my collection of spices .. and believe me .. the original Hash Brown recipe had everything! And, even today, when all else fails .. there is always .. CINNAMON .. and BACON BITS – and you have a complete meal. Suitable for breakfast or dinner!

The following is my recipe, based on two cups of frozen hash browns. Usually, I will eat 1/2 of this recipe for breakfast – with toast … or the entire recipe – without toast, for dinner. My wife is NOT a fan of this recipe, mostly because she does not like bacon bits or the Cajun spices or the Cinnamon but really, you hardly taste the cinnamon! It adds flavor!

HART’s Famous Hash Browns with Eggs .. with Pictures!



* Frozen Hash Browns – 2 cups

* Margarine – 3 teaspoons

* Empress Garlic Salt – Sprinkle

* Empress Ground Black Pepper – Sprinkle

* Hy’s Seasoning Salt – Sprinkle

* Hy’s Cajun Seasoning – Sprinkle

* Ground Cinnamon – Sprinkle

* Bacon Bits – 1 Tablespoon

* Eggs – 2 .. or .. 3


It’s quite simple .. got spices in your pantry cupboard? Feel free to experiment! I use two pans .. one for the hash browns, and one for the eggs. For the hashbrowns pan .. I add 3 teaspoons of Becel Margarine (Regular). For the eggs, I just spray the pan with non-stick Pam cooking spray.

What I do – is I place the hashbrowns into the pan. When the layer of hashbrowns are close to being unthawed, I sprinkle lightly, but over the entire showing top of hashbrowns the Garlic Salt. Then I flip the hashbrowns over.

I repeat for every ingredient, only turning over the hashbrowns AFTER I sprinkle lightly the seasoning on it .. until I get to the cinnamon. For some reason, before I turn over the hashbrowns for the final time, I leave the cinnamon on top of the hashbrowns, and sprinkle 1 tablespoon of bacon bits over the hashbrowns and give it a few more minutes. That’s when I start the eggs in the other pan, while occassionally flipping over the hashbrowns every couple of minutes until the eggs are ready.

For the eggs, I like them “Over Easy” .. so I can top my hashbrowns with the eggs, and break into them and get that gooey (not watery or oily) egg yoke to mix in with the hashbrowns and bacon bits.

Yuuuuummmmy… And, yes – this takes up some points.


Can feed two people, with a side dish or toast .. or one hungry person. You can have it with or without eggs, or with scrambled eggs. It’s quite flexible, and can always be a new dish .. depending on the seasoning that you use! For instance, if you use lemon pepper seasoning – it’s still yummy! (But different).

Here are the points that make up my calculations:

* NoName Hash Browns – 3 points per cup (I use 2 cups)
* Becel Margarine – 1 point per TSP (I use 3 teaspoons)
* Bacon Bits – 0 point per TBSP (I use only 1 tablespoon – but, if you take 2-3 TBSP you should add 1 point)
* Garlic Salt, Cajun Seasoning, Seasoning Salt, Ground Pepper, and Cinnamon – 0 points
* Eggs – cooked – 3 points per large egg (I use 3 small eggs and just give me 2-1/2 points each)

>> Total for the entire serving: 16.5 points (with 3 eggs)
>> Without eggs entire serving: 9 points



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