Create Easy Weight Loss Goals Suited To Your Own Lifestyle

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By Wayne Mcgregor

Instead of creating a normal goal for this year’s resolution like “I’m going to lose 10 pounds this year” it may be a good idea to create smaller but totally different goals. Using easy-to-achieve goals for each separate month may help you reach your final goal over the course of this year.

As an example you could say to yourself… “For this month I’m going to cut out chocolate”.

A goal like this should be much easier to achieve and require less of an effort. Saying your going to lose 10 pounds in 3 months will require a great deal of effort in many areas, exercise, food intake. etc.

When you hit each small goal it may help drive you to select another new simple goal, for example: “Every time I go to a restaurant I will choose the healthiest / low fat dish”.

Then for the next month it could be… “I will reduce the amount of bread I eat each day and substitute it for the healthier low calorie crisp breads from the health shops”

Then maybe…. “I will make up a fruit salad to place in the fridge and try to eat a good portion before a main meal”.

There are thousands of different, achievable goals you could make up, all relating to your own lifestyle and food choices. But, because they all require less effort and are less invasive to your lifestyle they should be easier to live with everyday. As these small goals all build up it will lead to some decent weight lost over the future months. The weight will also be lost at a steady pace meaning there’s a better chance it will stay off.

It may also pay you to understand the brain science behind goal setting. Understanding this aspect of the process may help you to figure out the what type of goals you should be selecting.

Here are some more ideas for small achievable goals:

Reduce the number of convenient packaged foods eaten for lunch.
I will substitute many of my takeaways for a Subway takeaway.
For the next month I will walk around the garden 3 times every morning before breakfast.
I will get off the bus one stop before the normal destination and walk the extra distance.
I will clean out the garage this month, then the basement next month.
I will wash the car more frequently.
I will get a dog so I can walk him everyday.
For this month I will eat little and often to try to reduce my stomach size naturally.
For this month I will do 3 sets of sit ups and press ups every other day.
I will buy more fruit and place it in the sitting room so it’s visible when I get hungry.
I will stretch everyday for ten minutes.
I will take a cold shower once a week to help burn more calories.
I will cut out alcohol during the week.
I will eat more berries.
For one month I will snack on raw vegetables before a main meal.

Try to use your head and think before selecting any goal. Try not to do too many goals at once, take your time and get it right. Try to make next year’s resolution NOT a weight loss resolution.

Wayne Mcgregor has a degree in nutrition and dietetics, a diploma in fitness training, and a wealth of experience in helping people to lose weight and build muscle. His website provides hundreds of free weight loss articles, sample diets, tools and charts of calorie content of different foods.

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