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As I’ve posted, I am back on my diet and using this blog as a diary for myself, to help keep me “on track” to my goals – which is to lose weight and get back into shape during 2007.

I mentioned on my “TIPS” post and showed you how I keep track of repetitive points for the meals that I eat. Well, I have completed the task and updated the RECIPE/POINTS page with every card that I have! I have also added some nice navigation at the top and a jump button to help you move down the page easier and find things, although I just suggest a CTRL-F (find/search) to be the best option.

Remember – these are just the points of the food that I eat myself (and my wife too) – and it is not complete. If you want me to add some of your favorite ingredients or products .. I need the following information from you:

* Fiber count per serving
* Fat count per serving
* Calories per serving
* What constitutes a serving size

You can just use the SUBMIT Recipe button’s contact form to email me the request .. and, I will add it to my Points page. Also, I have a few books and sites that might have some interesting points or links to points .. I will add them to my RECIPE/POINTS page as I find them, need them . or want them.

As for Recipes themselves, so far nobody has sent me any of their recipes .. and feel free to send in ones that are healthy and your own! I will post your recipe in a separate post, with proper linkage back to you and your site, if any .. and also link that post to a link on the RECIPE/POINTS page.

Also .. I will be periodically adding many of HART’s FAMOUS RECIPES on that Recipe page, even though some may not be totally healthy .. or high in points .. because, well – it’s my blog!

Take care

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