Stop Sabotaging Your Diet

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By Laura Pueschel

When you’re getting ready to start a new diet do you already feel doomed to fail? Are you saying to yourself, “Okay, I’ll give this diet a shot, but it probably won’t work either”? There are many reasons that a lot of diets don’t work, or work for awhile and then you start putting the weight back on. Here are some things you can do about it.

1 Stop saying “I’m on a diet”.

Doesn’t just the thought of being on a diet make you feel deprived? And besides, unless you’re one of those people who need to drop 5 pounds quickly to fit into that outfit for the reunion, you’re looking for a long term solution. You want a way to take the weight off and keep it off. When you say “I’m on a diet”, that suggests that some day you’ll be “off” the diet and go back to eating the way you used to, which is when the weight you’ve worked so hard to lose will come back. Tell yourself you have a new eating plan, and get excited about all the new healthy foods you get to enjoy.

2 Don’t expect perfection.

There will be days when you’re really motivated and do everything right, exercise, eat the right food at the right time, everything perfect. And then there will be most days, when you don’t make the time to exercise, eat some-thing really fattening, or both. The important thing to remember is not to beat yourself up over it. You’re going to have good days and bad days, and many days in between. Just don’t give up. What’s important is that you keep working toward your goal.

3 Don’t set your goals too high.

So, you want to lose 100 pounds to get to your ideal weight . If you focus on that one number you’ll get intimidated before you even start. Instead, break it up into manageable 10 pound goals and find a way to celebrate each milestone, it will help keep you motivated.

4 Don’t expect instant results.

You’ll see ads everywhere promising “lose 14 lbs. in 7 days”, or “drop 10 lbs. by next week”. Don’t believe it. Try them if you must, but remember these “fads” only work for the short term, the weight will come right back on as soon as you stop. Think about how long it took you to put on the weight you want to lose, and then give yourself a break.

What you need to remember is that weight loss is a process that is ongoing. You learn along the way what works for you and what you need to do to stay at your goal weight once you reach it. Just don’t give up.

Laura Pueschel writes about healthy weight loss and sensible fitness for

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2 Responses to “Stop Sabotaging Your Diet”
  1. Thanks for testimonial Bob! Glad you are losing some weight and appreciate the encouragement and your tip!

    Take care, and Seasons Greeting!

  2. Bob says:

    You will no longer fail, oprah has helped.I read about a natural fat replacement ingredient called Z Trim on page 90 of the book “You on a Diet” by Oprah’s doctor, Mehmet Oz. I ordered off of the Z Trim web site and have been cooking with it for a few weeks now. It works and its easy. It lowers calories by replacing portions of the oils, butter, and other fats. It also adds fiber to foods, because it basically is corn fiber made into a gel that works like fat in most cooking. They say it is undetectable, and that’s true. My cooking tastes like it always did. I’ve lost some weight, slowly. It’s a sensible approach and its natural. I eat what I want; it tastes as good as it always did, and I’m finally “right-sizing” my body. A total win-win.

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