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By Robin Derry

When it comes to back fat “what you can’t see” will make a difference. Who’s going to slip into a bikini or wear a body-hugging outfit when rolls of back fat cascade over the straps?

How do most of us reach that point, where we’ve overwhelmed our body’s ability to limit body fat accumulation? Our convenience culture, gadget rich and free-time-poor sets us up for diets and lifestyle that do everything to retard our body image goals. Lacking time away from family and work responsibilities, we can’t stop the slippery-slope-slide of our bodies into middle-aged doughboy shape. Result? We wake up to find ourselves slowing down, sporting saddle bag hips, a big stomach, hand-grip love handles, sagging loose skin, rolls and mounds of back fat to add to our rapidly expanding pear shape body.

Get Rid of Fat On Lower Back. People investigating appearance changes and body contouring options typically reveal a fat tummy which spread body fat gains around their trunk, adding inner thigh fat, breast fat and of course layers of back fat. Treating back fat alone, without addressing neighboring fat deposits is the body sculpting equivalent of driving with half an engine.

* Setting Achievable Body Contouring Goals. First thing to do is to establish clear realistic body shaping goals. Your pear shape body didn’t happen overnight, so you’ll want to manage the change process carefully with an eye on not just body shape results but also on health risks and costs.

* How Liposuction Offers Safe Quick Way To Get Rid Of Fat On Lower Back. Liposuction performed by a board certified surgeon has become the gold standard for back fat reduction. Tried and proven, with hundreds of thousands of satisfied patients, liposuction can scoop out up to 8 to 10 pounds of pure fat from a treatment site in a single session in less than two hours. Yes, there’s a recovery time, perhaps some down time away from work, but you’re getting the ultimate in convenient quick-fixes for your back fat woes.

* How To Lose Back Fat With Non Surgical Treatments. Surgery is serious stuff, and where possible should be avoided. Biggest growth trend in body enhancement and cosmetic body shaping is in the area of non surgical treatments for reducing back fat. Some high tech options have slipped into the consumer’s choice-bag, including radio frequency and ultrasound devices, which beam controlled energy into your below-the-surface (sub dermal) areas, targeting fat cells in particular. The advantages of these non surgical non invasive treatments is that they’re low impact, you won’t experience much down time, minor discomfort occurs during treatment, yet you might successfully get rid of several pounds of back fat during your treatment sessions.

Back Fat Exercise That Burns Fat Yet Builds Fitness. Quick-fix cosmetic medical procedures are only one angle on how to lose back fat. You’ve got to deal the entire deck of cards and recognize that old fashioned diet and exercise not only work to reduce back fat, but this Dynamic Duo will launch your body into a future of invigorating good health, and free you up from the “dragging anchor” of excess body fat and sagging skin. What are some possibilities that are achievable?

* Low Impact Striding And Walking. You may not realize it but your body’s natural cycles can be manipulated in order to trigger higher rates of back fat burning. Take for example the simple idea of doing a light 20-minute walk, at a low regular pace and without raising your heart rate significantly or even breaking a sweat. Current science suggests that for most people, this sort of low-key low stress walk-about primarily uses “fat” as your energy source. Reason? Your body naturally deletes its glycogen reserves while you sleep, in anticipation of a refueling breakfast. Back fat, arm fat, stomach fat all will start to trim, step by step.

* Creative Blends Of Yoga, Dance, Strength And Ballet For Burning Back Fat. “Use it or lose it” is motto with meaning. In the body-contouring world, exciting new “hybrid” exercise programs have emerged, such as Yoga Booty Ballet, for women and men. You’ll get one element of yoga, another element of stretching, ballet moves to stretch and strengthen your body, strength poses to begin reinvesting muscle tone, meditation to regain mental focus, and some thigh-slapping great music to guide you into a shapelier body. Burn back fat? Absolutely. Women and men who’ve used Yoga Booty Ballet report losing 10 to 20 pounds or more, 10 to 18 inches off their waist stomach and hips.

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Author Robin Derry publisher of a specialty information site that gives solutions to body image and body shaping needs.

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