Overcome Winter Depression with These Tips

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By Jill Kane

As one travels further North and South of the equator the equation of day and night changes to the extent that right up north the actual daylight hours are very few. Lack of sunlight can lead to depression and in North America it is estimated that up to 50-60 percent people suffer symptoms of this malaise. Lack of sunlight triggers some sort of a hormonal imbalance where people tend to give in to depression and this manifests itself in the form of symptoms like weight gain, change in sleep patterns, even suicidal thoughts. This has given it the name Seasonal Affective Disorder where the person is victim to the chemical reactions in the brain due to less sunlight.

How does one go about helping such people then? The first thing to do is to make them understand that it is not their fault. It is the length of the day that is causing all these symptoms. Then here are some simple lifestyle changes that one can adopt to ensure that you don’t suffer. What they need to know is that the weather is here to stay and the sooner they get used to this fact the better for them. That’s step number one to fighting depression.

Green houses use a certain type of lighting system where the bulbs are made to closely match the spectrum of the sun. Buy a set of these and make yourself a light corner in your home. This is called light therapy and is step number two towards fighting depression. It’s easy to install as all you need is a light fixture that can hold four long fluorescent bulbs. Don’t buy the standard green as they can actually drain you of energy.

Now schedule a couple of hours every morning to sit in your “sun” and do some activity that will boost your spirits, a good book or some art work, whatever you want to do, that’s the key, and feel your depression melt away. Research has shown that mornings are the best time to benefit from this light therapy.

Next on the agenda is to get yourself a good routine and stick by it. Step number three is your routine. Sleep on time so you are awake on time to do your light therapy, plan your day and tick off all the pending jobs as they are done. Not only does this give you a sense of accomplishment but also gets the work done. Step number four is to get your diet worked out and chalk out a small exercise program. Once your health is back on track you will feel a lot better about everything in general.

Somehow, walking is sort of therapeutic and calming as far as thoughts go, so go for a walk. Another fact to remember is that you need to drink a lot of water. More often than not people forget to drink water and that has its own complications. Our body is mostly made up of water so getting dehydrated is not going to help now is it? Step number five then is to drink lots of water.

Step number six is to yell for help if you feel it is all becoming too much for you. Don’t brood, go talk to someone, anyone, the corner grocer us fine too. Antidepressants will give you momentary relief and long term problems that you really can do without. And last but not the least, get a grip on yourself. Like everything else even bad days go by and good days follow. Think positive then is your step number seven.

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