Week 34 has passed .. and pretty much the Year 2006 too – an Update

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Wow. Almost 9 months behind on keeping track since January 1, 2006 .. I need to recoup and think all of this out. But, in summary – let me see if I can summarize a little ..

* December 31, 2005 I was 257 lbs.

* Sometime in March 2006 I was 254 lbs. I think this was my all-time low. I’m not sure though, because I wasn’t counting points or weighing myself

* Sometime in April or May 2006 .. we purchased a much superior and accurate weigh scale .. and it turns out our old scale was approximately 6 lbs lighter than being indicated.

* I probably gained about 5-10 lbs during my busy “tax season”, which is pretty much March through to June 2006

* Summer came and cottage life in a restricted vehicle zone .. I purchased a new bicycle and was riding it a lot and walking during the summer weekends Fridays thru Sundays. I’m pretty sure I kept losing weight, and if not – I certainly was getting good exercise!

* Unfortunately, working Mondays to Thursdays has been putting a strain on my workload, and I have been working sometimes all-nighters, and not really getting out to exercise during the week. I’m pretty sure any gains that I have made during the weekends – were for naught – during the week.

* I have weighed myself recently and I am not happy – in fact, despite that I feel healthier than I was during the beginning of the year, the weigh scale definately shows that I have deteriorated in my goal to lose weight.

Meanwhile, I know this blog hasn’t been updated much during the past many months .. probably from my guilt in not keeping up with this project on a personal level. So, I have decided to get back in shape. I have been reshaping my personal goals and getting back on the straight line – which is to follow the plan – HART: Getting in Shape.

So .. while I am getting back on track .. I will be posting some Ezine Articles here in this blog .. kind of a motivation tool for myself, really … that will be related to exercise, dieting and health in general. In the upcoming weeks a new blogger will also be co-blogging with me … Gerry (from Planet Earth site).

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