It’s Not Your Imagination:Tobacco Giants Fight to Keep Smokers Hooked

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It’s Not Your Imagination:Tobacco Giants Fight to Keep Smokers Hooked

By Annette Baril

These days, it seems that the message regarding the dangers of smoking is crystal clear. Whether it be on tv, the side of the local bus, or on the internet, advertising has taken a drastic turn from the past days of luring teens to smoke.

With an estimated 70 percent of smokers wanting to quit, and 40 percent who make the attempt annually, some may wonder why it seems more difficult than ever to break the deadly habit.

It Is Not All In Your Mind:

While there is no question that smoking is the most addictive substance, recent reports from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health indicate that the levels of nicotine in cigarettes have been increased between the years 1998 through 2004. The average increase is 10 percent, with brands such as Kool and Doral weighing in at 30 to 36 percent. According to an article in USA TODAY, smokers also affect their own nicotine intake based on how deeply they inhale. This may also affect which part of the lungs develop cancer, with those who take shallow puffs more prone to developing cancer in the upper lungs.

With these increases, the tobacco industry is insuring the odds that you will continue to be a return customer each and every day. It is simply a business decision from their standpoint.

Your recent attempts may have proved unsuccessful, and it may simply be the fact that you are now struggling against an even stronger nicotine addiction.

However, you need not be a victim if you decide that you desire to give up this senseless, expensive, life threatening habit.

As there are always solutions to every problem, recent technological breakthroughs have emerged to conquer this issue. One such innovation is available here in the US brought over from Europe by Rick Tejpaul. It is a process that enables you to naturally withdraw from nicotine without the uncomfortable cravings. Tejpaul states, “We make sure that each one of our clients are taken care of from the moment they make the appointment to when they finally leave smoke-free after a few short treatments.” Along with the actual treatment, your smoking habits and history are analyzed, so that a plan can be customized specifically for you.

Annette Baril is a New York State Licensed Acupuncturist. To learn more about how you can stop smoking for life, go to: or write to:

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