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Good Cause Blogger Sue Richards writes at Performancing

I’m an artist who has been independently publishing a beautiful, educational, fine art photography, breast cancer prevention calendar for 6 years and selling it on-line. For the last year and a half I’ve been blogging about my process.

I do not get paid to do this project. Net proceeds go to the Canadian Breast Cancer Network. All money goes toward education. And yes, the calendar does have photos of breasts.

The 6th Annual
2007 Breast of Canada® Calendar

In Support of Women’s Health.
In Partnership with the
Canadian Breast Cancer Network

Breast of Canada is an artistic calendar designed to inspire you to have greater awareness about breast health and breast cancer prevention. Absolutely guaranteed to inspire conversation.

Three great reasons to own a Breast of Canada Calendar.

One. The Breast of Canada calendar is educational. Being proactive and self educated about your health is an important step to take. The 2007 calendar helps you take that step.

Two. The Breast of Canada calendar is about health. Maintaining and improving your health and cultivating a positive body image stimulates a higher quality of life.

Three. The Breast of Canada calendar raises profile and funds. Net proceeds for the 2007 edition will be directed to the Canadian Breast Cancer Network.

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