Kids and Easter without chocolate

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Easter Eggs

From Dr Barry Sears,

Children can enjoy Easter festivities without stuffing themselves with chocolate and jelly beans. Jelly beans, by the way, are made from sugar, starch and corn syrup, guaranteed to take you out of the Zone.

   Fill Easter baskets with items that usually make up birthday goodie bags, such as pocket-sized games, craft kits, stickers, and plastic jewelry. A paperback story book by a child’s favorite author will also be a hit as will felt markers and coloring books.

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   Don’t totally deprive you child at Easter. You don’t want them to escape to a neighbor’s house and eat candy until they’re sick. Perhaps a chocolate bunny in the center of the basket will fill the bill. You can afford to spend more for a truly delicious treat because you’re not buying bags of jelly beans and other cheap eats found on drug store and grocery store shelves.

   Make an Easter egg hunt the centerpiece of your at-home festivities. Children of all ages have a great time decorating eggs. There are so many wonderful kits to experiment with. Make sure to get one that mirrors your child’s skill level.

   Since nutritionists recommend not keeping hard boiled eggs out of the refrigerator for more than two hours, it might be wise to hide plastic eggs. That also eliminates the tradition of finding an egg that was too well hidden on Easter two weeks later by simply following your nose.

   Dr. Sears enjoys a snack of hardboiled egg whites, split in half and filled with hummus. The yolks, of course, are discarded. Here are some variations:
Add spinach and crumbled turkey bacon to the hummus.
Or add some zip with horseradish sauce, mustard and a garnish of paprika.
Sprinkle garlic and onion powder on the hummus.
Eliminate hummus all together and stuff the halved egg whites with mashed avocado, cilantro, herbs, mustard and grated cheese.

   Do a Web search under healthy Easter treats, and you’ll find a lot more suggestions, including this recipe from

Bunny Salad
Put a canned pear half on lettuce. Use raisins for eyes, a strawberry for the nose and sliced cheese for the ears. Toothpicks can be used for whiskers.

Dr Barry Sears official home 

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