No shortage of methadone say addiction treatment officials

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Last updated Mar 14 2006 09:53 AM EST
CBC News

Methadone treatment centres across Ontario are assuring their patients that there is no shortage of the drug, despite recent fears clinics would run out after two major suppliers were shut down.

Monday was the deadline for two Kitchener-based suppliers to stop shipping methadone to clinics across the province, including to those in Toronto.

The Ontario College of Pharmacists ordered them to cease the shipments after accusing the suppliers of professional misconduct for sending the drug to clinics without appropriate supervision.

Methadone is a drug that is given to patients suffering narcotic addictions. It’s considered the most effective way to treat heroin addiction.

On Tuesday, the Ontario Addiction Treatment Centres (OATC) said there is still an adequate supply of methadone available.

“Published media reports in recent days have indicated that there might be a shortage of methadone for OATC patients,” says a message posted on the OATC website.

“This is not the case. Your methadone prescription will continue to be available as usual.”

OTAC supplies daily doses of methadone to 2,000 people across the province.


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