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Our blog hopes to cover the following topics …

* Android
* Class I Obesity (BMI = 30.0-34.9)
* Class II Obesity (BMI = 35.0-39.9)
* Class III Obesity (BMI > 40.0)
* Gynoid
* Type I Obesity
* Type II Obesity

As well, we hope to explore ..

* Alternative Treatments
* Breaking News
* Exercise
* Over-The-Counter Drugs
* Prescription Drugs
* Prevention
* Support

Also, HART will be using this blog as a personal diary through his struggle to getting back into shape. We will also be posting healthy recipes of all sorts, and encourage readers to submit their favorite recipes to be posted in here! Your recipes can be beef, chicken, dairy, pasta, vegetable, stir-fry, oven cooking, breakfast, lunch, supper, vegetarian, dessert, etc! .. but, we hope it is healthy and a good recipe for “Battling Obesity”.

Well, these are the categories that we have set-up at this point anyway. If we have missed any topics that you would like to see covered in this blog, feel free to add your suggestions in our comments below.


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Our blog hopes to cover the following topics …