Week 26-33 (Recap) “Rest of 2005”

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Recapping November 12, 2005 to December 31, 2005

Week 26

Nov 12, 2005 – Nov 18, 2005

– This week – (0.0) no pounds lost or gained
– Cumulative – (37.0) pounds lost

>> (Week 6 of 6 – Maintenance)

– This week – (1.0) pound lost
– Cumulative – (27.2) pounds lost

Week 27

Nov 19, 2005 – Nov 25, 2005

>>> last weigh in was November 19, 2005
– Cumulative – (37.0) pounds lost

>> (Week 1 of the “rest of her life as a LifeTime Member of WeightWatchers.ca!)

– This week – ?????????????
– Cumulative – (27.2) pounds lost

>>> Yvonne only has to weigh in once a month.

>>> HART had decided to FORGO weighin this Saturday November 26, 2005 and is switching to MONDAY weighins now .. at 6pm Mondays, instead of 10am Saturdays … Yvonne doesn’t think this will work for me, because it doesn’t give me a chance to ‘digest’ the weekend’s dinner and eatings. For instance, this Sunday (November 27, 2005) we are off for a family birthday party luncheon/dinner …. We’ll see how it goes for me!

Week 28-33 (rest of 2005)

Nov 26, 2005 – Dec 2, 2005

Dec 3, 2005 – Dec 9, 2005

Dec 3, 2005 – Dec 9, 2005

Dec 10, 2005 – Dec 16, 2005

Dec 17, 2005 – Dec 23, 2005

Dec 24, 2005 – Dec 30, 2005

December 31, 2005 was Saturday



My last posted weigh in was in November 2005, but in reality the last was December 19th. I have not gone to any weighin’s since that time. I have also decided to stop going to the meetings.

Yvonne’s status – she doesn’t have to weigh in until January 28, 2006 .. and as a Life time member, there is no cost.

I have to pay. I am also paying for my YMCA fitness membership every month and I haven’t gone since October 26th or something like that. Yup. Time flies.

I figured – I know what’s happening in the meetings. I am continuing to keep track of my meals and counting points. AT MINIMUM – if I at least go to the Gym once a week in the timeslot of the weighins on Saturday mornings .. I will be ahead of the game.

No, I don’t want to pay. This is my 2006 ‘resolution’ so to speak ..

* At least go to gym once a week
* Start with a regular gym routine more swimming
* Continue counting points
* Exercise, and regular weigh ins at home

Once I start losing weight … and stop .. and can’t lose anymore – then I will join back up as a member again and start back with the weekly motivational meetings. I don’t think it’s necessary for me to pay every week. I know what has to be done.

In the meantime, I will probably be posting additional motivational weight loss information in this blog as a tool to help me keep focused – I hope everybody doesn’t mind that!

ALSO – By the way … I weighed myself January 1, 2006 = I was at 257 lbs … I am 6″1 … I think I should be about 220 .. my ‘ideal BMI’ claims I should be 180 … and Yvonne doesn’t trust our mechanical weight register, and think its about 5-6 lbs light from what it really is..

Subsequent Thought:

Well – that’s what I posted on my other blog anyway, for the reasons why I stopped going and stopped posting etc etc etc. So far – for 2005, Total weight loss since Weigh-In May 21, 2005

34 lbs in 33 weeks

* or 12% of my initial weight
* or approximately 1lb loss per week average

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