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Recapping October 9, 2005 News


After 20 weeks, Yvonne as reached her lifetime goal. She now has 3 awards received from Weight Watchers ..

* A keychain for reaching her first 10% goal loss
* Congratulations you’ve reached 16 Weeks attachment for the keychain.. and this
* A GOLD STAR reaching Lifetime Goal!

So … What’s Next?

Now – it’s business as usual for the next six weeks for Yvonne. She now is officially on “Maintenance” mode. This means that she has to add ADDITIONAL flex points to the already 35 extra flexpoints .. by increasing her daily point count by 4 points.

If she is still losing weight by more than 2 pounds each week, she will add another 2 points per day. If she is gaining more than 2 pounds each week, she will reduce the count by 2 points each week. At the end of six weeks, if she remains within 2 points of this lifetime goal weight .. she WILL become a lifetime member.

And what happens with Lifetime Membership?

1) No weekly fees – FREE !! – Forever! ..
2) She will have to weigh in every month and maintain with 2 pounds of this goal, to keep the fees to be Free. I believe she is entitled to a few mistakes, but if she gains it back she will have to start paying and return to weekly visits and possibly membership renewal fees

Way to Go Booboo… 😀 *smoooooch*

Hopefully we’ll both be Membership-Fee-Free by 2006.

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