May 20, 2005 – Yvonne Takes Over

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Yvonne and I had some discussions about the email and we both agreed that I should continue my exercising at the “Y” .. I have had a membership since September 2004 and I go when I can (which is not much). But, now I have to make a better effort to do this. In fact, May 20, 2005 I did go do a workout and went swimming.

But, during the course of our daily emails back and forth, I mentioned to Yvonne that I had been scouring the website and noticed that there were some interesting recipes.

I have decided that I will lose weight on my own and eat better and healthier.

Yvonne thought that this was a great idea, and it turns out that a co-worker actually used to go to weight watchers. She phoned around, and there is a meeting place at the corner of the “Red Lion Inn” which is just down the street from us. Did I want to join?

Okay. Why not?

So – we talked about it, and the best day to attend is every Saturday at10:00 am. We will start and go there tomorrow, May 21, 2005 and GET BACK IN SHAPE! And, this meant both of us!

This might work better with both of us doing this together. It makes sense.

Wish us luck!


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