May 21, 2005 – Week 0 – Weigh In

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This is how it works:

You first have to pay for a membership fee of $45.00 CDN. For a weekly fee of $13.00 CDN (in the summer there will be a lump sum price that will reduce the total fees), you go and weigh in. For the first 13 weeks, they will give you some brochures and stamp and document your progress in a little book. If you miss a week or weigh in, you still have to pay the weekly fee. I believe if you miss 4 weeks, you have to re-join and pay the membership fee and start all over.

According to the initial “welcome” book, there is a recommended appropriate weights for groups of people. The Weight Watchers Weight Ranges are based on the Body Mass Index (or BMI).

These are the recommended weight goals (in pounds)

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May 20, 2005 – Yvonne Takes Over

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Yvonne and I had some discussions about the email and we both agreed that I should continue my exercising at the “Y” .. I have had a membership since September 2004 and I go when I can (which is not much). But, now I have to make a better effort to do this. In fact, May 20, 2005 I did go do a workout and went swimming.

But, during the course of our daily emails back and forth, I mentioned to Yvonne that I had been scouring the website and noticed that there were some interesting recipes.

I have decided that I will lose weight on my own and eat better and healthier.

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May 19, 2005 – Just Got Back From The Doctor’s Office

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Enclosed is a copy of an email to my wife … I wrote it about 3pm that afternoon so the details (as I remembered it) would be fresh and documented.

SUBJECT: Just got back from the doctor’s office

Well. it didn’t quite go as I imagined it. Here’s a summary, feel free if you want to call me, it’s up to you although, i will try to recall everything for my own piece of mind.

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