April 12, 2005 – Wow! Everybody’s pissed off – Including me!

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I just filled the prescription as prescribed. But – boy oh boy – was Yvonne mad. And, apparently everybody that both she and myself mention this story to. Here is the general reaction from all of our family and friends ..

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April 11, 2005 – The Results Are In

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ALT .75
AST .51
CPK .119

To quote Frank Barone .. “Oh Crap!” … I had a notebook of all of the blood test results .. but I don’t know where it is anymore.

I basically came to my appointment and Dr. G. read me all of the test results. Here is a summary of what I remembered he said….

  • I don’t have cancer or anything like that
  • >> Well, that’s good to know!
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    April 10, 2005 – Dr. G’s office calls me.

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    But, it’s nothing – they are just calling to confirm that they have the results, and I should come in April 11, 2005…

    um.,.. okay! That’s what we scheduled last week.

    April 4, 2005 – The Blood Tests

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    I hand my three different samples of my stool to the technician and Dr. G’s instruction for the many blood samples.

    Altogether, there were only 7 blood samples taken. Actually, I was quite surprised … being that I haven’t done this since the 1980’s .. giving blood that is. There really was only one needle put into my veins, and 7 little containers popping on and off of it ..

    It was over in about 30 seconds.

    She said it should take a week to get all of the proper tests prepared and return them to Dr. G., so I phoned back the clinic and made an appointment for April 11, 2005.

    I was a little concerned, that I took the blood tests about 10am that day. I didn’t stop eating until about 10pm the previous night. I was supposed to stop eating around 6pm and not even drink any water.


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