Women and work-related stress

Women are out working as hard as men and  although they don't have the same pay as men, they have similar chances of having heart risks known to men.  As one author says „Working women are equal to … [Read more...]

6 Ways To Overcome Workplace Stresses

By Tony Jacowski This is probably one issue for which you may not need a survey to confirm. Nearly everyone feels stressed at work. Workplace stresses are not that different from domestic stresses. … [Read more...]

Working Burnt Out Is Not The Only Option

By Mari Taylor For weeks David had been plagued by aching muscles, loss of appetite, restless sleep, and a complete sense of exhaustion. At first he tried to ignore these problems, but eventually he … [Read more...]

A Golden Rule To Manage Job/Workplace Stress

By Javier Fuller A Golden Rule To Manage Job/Workplace Stress: Having gone for a sea bath, don't be afraid of the oncoming waves. Take your plunge! * Getting a job, involves lots of stress. * … [Read more...]

How to Overcome Social Anxiety and Perfectionism at Work

By Larina Kase A business executive named Bob had a hidden problem at work. He became nervous when he interacted with colleagues and performed various tasks. While he didn’t have an anxiety disorder, … [Read more...]

Stress linked to nurses’ health problems: study

Work stress, low autonomy and lack of respect have been linked, at higher than average rates, to health problems among Canada's 314,900 nurses, says a new study by Statistics Canada. Thirty-one per … [Read more...]

Liz Strauss and Stress Management

LizStrauss.com writing for you .. .. that uniquely Liz elegance, heart, and creativity You can be more productive, if you can manage your stress. Here are a few good links to articles written by Liz … [Read more...]

All You Need To Know About Work-Related Stress

All You Need To Know About Work-Related Stress By Carole Spiers November 2004’s publication of the Health and Safety Executive’s new Management Standards for work-related stress has focused the minds … [Read more...]

Stressed Out? It Might Be Your Job

By Kent Johnson “I’m stressed out.” If you find yourself thinking--or saying--this to yourself on a regular basis, you might have a real problem on your hands. Job and career related stress has been … [Read more...]

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