`Tis the season for heart attacks?

‘Tis the season for joy and cheers ... and cardiac events. Okay, I don't want to dampen your high spirits during the holidays but it has been shown again and again that there is a distinct spike in … [Read more...]

How the weather affects our health

We all have heard the idiom „being under the weather.“ But there is some truth in this. The weather can affect our health, though not in the most obvious way in cases of extremely hot or cold … [Read more...]

Your blood pressure and the weather

The temperatures are going down, but your blood pressure is going up. Is this logical? It is, according to a French research study which observed that blood pressure varies with the season. The data … [Read more...]

Rainy, Cold Weather: Not Good for People with Arthritis?

Excuse my recent absence, I've been under a literally bad weather. You see, I work in our not-fully finished house near an open window where there is an optimum signal for my 3G signal. When it rains … [Read more...]

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