Are your calcium supplements actually useless?

Many of us swallow vitamin supplement pills each day, including calcium for bone health. Clinical guidelines on osteoporosis recommend supplementation with calcium especially for those who are at high … [Read more...]

Vitamin D and rheumatoid arthritis

Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to a wide range on health conditions, including rheumatic diseases. Three European studies looked into the relationship between rheumatism and vitamin D levels as … [Read more...]

Vitamin D and calcium do not prevent breast cancer

Here is another study from the Women's Health Initiative that gives disappointing results. At least disappointing for those who are big fans of vitamins and other dietary supplements. Previous … [Read more...]

What the Cows Know…

The dairy cow knows the value of Vitamin D. And now so do researchers. Study participants were given Vitamin D supplements (typical infant multivitamins) from birth on and after a tracking period of … [Read more...]

Grapefruit Pulp For Bone Health

The bone health 'industry' is dominated by Calcium and Vitamin D, as many people already know. I know this is an arthritis blog but for now I want to talk about our bone health. For somebody who has … [Read more...]

Is there a link between peripheral arterial disease and vitamin D?

Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) is a medical condition wherein arteries in the lower extremities - the legs - become narrow or clogged up with fatty deposits. This results in reduced flow to the … [Read more...]

Sun Exposure and Arthritis

We've always been told to lessen our exposure to the sun in order to lower our risk of developing skin cancer. However, according to The Arthritic Association, avoiding the sun totally can lead to … [Read more...]

Major Clinical Trial For Children’s Arthritis

In Northern Ireland, a major clinical trial will focus on children suffering from arthritis -- not only for the betterment of its treatment but also to reduce brittle bones (osteopenia) in this … [Read more...]

Book Recommendation: The Vitamin D Cure

The Vitamin D Cure is a controversial new book written by American doctor, Dr. James Dowd. Working at the Arthritis Institute of Michigan, Dr James Dowd has been prescribing vitamin D to people … [Read more...]

Vitamin D Against Rheumatoid Arthritis?

Vitamin D is already known as good for our bones but may also have good effects on our immune system. Now, it has been found that women with highest levels of vitamin D intake are about one third … [Read more...]

Vitamin D Deficiency, Worsens Osteoarthritis of the Knee

According to a new study from Tufts New England Medical Center, low vitamin D levels may cause greater knee pain and difficulty walking in patients with knee osteoarthritis. Knee osteoarthritis is … [Read more...]

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