Health updates, 4 February: All about our food

Food Bill Aims to Improve Safety Data from the CDC indicates that 1 in 6 Americans catch some kid of food-borne disease each year. Approximately 48 million people are affected according to the … [Read more...]

Cancer in the headlines, 28 January

Some bad news... Breast Implants: FDA Review Indicates Possible Association With A Rare Cancer Women who had breast implants have a small but still measurable increased risk for developing … [Read more...]

Updates from the diabetes front

Some news updates on diabetes The bad news France: Diabetes Drug May Be Linked to 500 Deaths The diabetes and weight—loss drug benflourex (Mediator) has been linked to about 500 deaths in … [Read more...]

Heart(y) news: clinical trial updates, Oct 29

No firm conclusions about HDL cholesterol can be drawn from JUPITER sub-analysis The JUPITER trial (Justification for the Use of Statins in Primary Prevention: An Intervention Trial Evaluating … [Read more...]

Obesity updates: mostly bad news for anti-obesity drugs

Today, I am bringing you the latest research updates on drugs for obesity. Unfortunately, it is not all good news. New research finds no evidence that popular slimming supplements facilitate … [Read more...]

Health care updates, August 13: getting ill during vacation

Isn't it annoying when one gets sick or catches a bug while on vacation? Check out some examples below. WHO Recommendations for the Post-pandemic Period Travelers need not be too concerned … [Read more...]

Medical innovations, August 6

Hydrogels, dissolvable patches, and imaging techniques: today I bring you the latest medical innovations. Gel targets prostate cancer Japanese researchers at Kyoto University have developed a … [Read more...]

Obesity updates from all over the world, June 11

The obesity epidemic knows no boundaries as shown in the news updates below. Obesity in America Nearly 90 percent of American adults will be overweight or obese by 2030, according to the Agency … [Read more...]

June updates: linking diabetes to cancer, weight loss and environmental cues

Today I am bringing you the latest research updates on diabetes: how cancer, loss weight and environmental factors are linked to diabetes Increased cancer risk of people with type 2 diabetes What … [Read more...]

Heart(y) News, April 3

April 7 is World Health Day! We’ll keep you posted of events planned for that day in the upcoming posts. In the meantime, here is your heart(y) news for this weekend. Apologies for the … [Read more...]

February diabetes updates

Once again, I am bringing you the latest updates on diabetes. Erectile dysfunction linked to diabetes There are many factors that can affect sexual function. Certain metabolic diseases, for … [Read more...]

Go Red Today: Heart(y) News February 5

Go Red Today Don’t forget to wear something red today. Today, Friday, February 5 is National Wear Red Day in the US. And while at it, check out The Heart Truth Campaign and events for the American … [Read more...]

Updates on MS management

A multidisciplinary approach to multiple sclerosis is necessary to preserve and even improve the overall quality of life of multiple sclerosis patients. This is the message of a recent review at … [Read more...]

News from the flu front, December 29

Researchers find human protein that prevents H1N1 influenza infection A light at the end of the flu tunnel? Researchers at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute may just have found a way to prevent … [Read more...]

Health care updates, December 18

A pre-Christmas round up of health care news for you... HHS Announces $27 Million from Recovery Act to Help Older Americans Fight Chronic Disease The US Department of Health and Human Services … [Read more...]

Flu updates, December 5

It's been a while since I brought you some flu updates... Here are your updates for this weekend. CDC: Swine flu less widespread, down to 32 states Finally, some good news about the flu swine from … [Read more...]

Diabetes updates: what ups or lowers your risk

Today, I am bring some diabetes updates on what increases or decreases our chances to develop diabetes. Heading off diabetes Researcher David Nathan of Massachusetts General Hospital Believes … [Read more...]

Obesity updates, November 20

The feasting season (Thanksgiving and Christmas) is just around the corner. Let’s take some time to update on weight gain and obesity. Obesity causes 100,000 U.S. cancer cases Obesity can cause … [Read more...]

What’s new in healthcare, November 6

Some important healthcare updates for this weekend... AMA, AARP back House bill on health care reform The healthcare reform efforts of President Barack Obama gets a much needed boost from the … [Read more...]

Flu updates, October 26

Obama declares swine flu a national emergency US President Barack Obama has declared the swine flu epidemic a national emergency. The declaration will make it easier for U.S. medical facilities to … [Read more...]

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