The Secret to Staying Sober on Vacation

Being in recovery shouldn't affect your ability to live a full life. For many people, however, alcohol and other drugs are a large part of traveling. Your vacation is a time to unwind and blow off … [Read more...]

Foods that kill excerpts plus other Health tips vegans vs carnivores Abel vs Cain

I just found this health related video on YouTube ... and thought you might enjoy it! Themeaning of life is problem … [Read more...]

Are your shots up-to-date?

I am aware of the heated discussion on children vaccination and its possible link to autism. I am one of those parents who have chosen to vaccinate my kids and I won't go into detail about my reasons. … [Read more...]

My Personal Tips For People With Arthritis When Traveling

First of all, do not let your arthritis tie you down at home. There must ways when you can travel too, visit friends and enjoy what other places has to offer. As you know, I went out of town with … [Read more...]

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