Thyroid Issues

I just found this health related video on YouTube ... and thought you might enjoy it! Dr. Sherrill … [Read more...]

The heart, the thyroid, and medications: it’s not yet over

My heart problems are still not over... Sad to feel bad on this day of hearts. To backtrack, I presented with symptoms of hyperthyroidism starting last week, which is most probably due to wrong … [Read more...]

The heart, the thyroid and medications

When it feels like your heart is jumping erratically inside your chest, you ask yourself “What’s wrong with me?” If you are a health-conscious person like me, you will ask “Where did I do wrong?” Was … [Read more...]

January is Thyroid Awareness Month

Millions people in the US and worldwide are suffering from one form or another of thyroid disease. And many are not even aware of it. January has been designated the Thyroid Awareness … [Read more...]

Low Thyroid – A Common Reason For Overweight, Depression and CFS Or ME

By Jackie Bushell Your thyroid is a gland situated in the front of your neck. The hormones (chemical messengers) that it produces affect a great number of your body processes and other glands. So if … [Read more...]

Welcome to Yvonne’s Corner

Glad to be able to contribute! He finally did it, he got me to contribute to his blog. Of course, I'm referring to Hartley, my dear husband .. the one you all know as HART (1-800-HART). Hartley and … [Read more...]

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