Remedy For Anxiety

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Flat Abs Washboard Stomach Exercises, Planks, Proper Sit Ups Form & Special Tip

I just found this health related video on YouTube ... and thought you might enjoy it! This video is about how to achieve … [Read more...]

Updates on teen health

Teen Vaccination Rates Increasing Across the US A survey by the Centers of Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) of over 20,000 teenagers aged 13 to 17 years showed an increasing rate of vaccination. … [Read more...]

Unintentional drug poisoning a.k.a. overdose

We usually associate drug overdose with celebrities: Anna Nicole Smith, Heath Ledger, Michael Jackson, to mention the few recent. But the rate of drug overdose, also called unintentional or accidental … [Read more...]

Pediatricians should warn patients about alcohol abuse

Can you imagine your 13-year old daughter sipping a margarita? Or your 15-year old son downing a pint of beer? It seems unimaginable but it is more common than we think. During the last couple years, … [Read more...]

Medication Abuse and Five Moms

Last month, October was National Medicine Abuse Awareness Month. I apologize for missing the opportunity then to help spread the word about this very important issue. But I don’t think it’s too late … [Read more...]

Lessons Children and Teens Learn from Caregiving

 A quick search on your favorite search engine will certainly lead you to information and services for caregivers.  However, you will have to dig a little deeper to figure out how Alzheimer's disease … [Read more...]

Dude, What’s Going On With Grandpa? Talking With Teens About Alzheimer’s Disease

Teenage years are already complicated ones.  Toss in a grandparent or close relative with Alzheimer's disease and the issues of driving, varsity sports, the latest fashions, gadgets, acne, social … [Read more...]

Stress and Parents, Teenage Dilemmas

Contemporary society presents many circumstances that can encourage stress for teens. One of the chief potential stressors is often found right at home: parents. That's not to say parents cause teen … [Read more...]

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