Remedy For Anxiety

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How to lose weight fast and easy tips

I just found this health related video on YouTube ... and thought you might enjoy it! http weight loss … [Read more...]

Hearing loss in American teens on the rise

Hearing problems is on the rise and the increase is most evident among teens. A new research study by scientists at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston revealed that there is a 31% rise in the … [Read more...]

Updates on teen health

Teen Vaccination Rates Increasing Across the US A survey by the Centers of Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) of over 20,000 teenagers aged 13 to 17 years showed an increasing rate of vaccination. … [Read more...]

Inspiring the young to save lives

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and using an automated external defibrillators (AED) are life-saving skills that everybody should learn. Including children. In a previous post, I described a study … [Read more...]

Experts: routine depression screening for teenagers

It is a problem that many parents face: clinical depression among teenagers. As many as two million American teenagers suffer from depression and most go undiagnosed, thus untreated according to … [Read more...]

The lifestyle of the young is not good for the heart

The trend is disturbing. More and more children and young people are having cardiovascular problems. And the causes can be traced to unhealthy lifestyles. Lack of proper nutrition Project EAT, a study … [Read more...]

Dude, What’s Going On With Grandpa? Talking With Teens About Alzheimer’s Disease

Teenage years are already complicated ones.  Toss in a grandparent or close relative with Alzheimer's disease and the issues of driving, varsity sports, the latest fashions, gadgets, acne, social … [Read more...]

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