H1N1 Flu Pandemic: Is it over?

It started with a bang and ended with nary a whimper. It didn’t even make the headlines. On Tuesday, August 10, 2010, the World health Organization (WHO) declared end to 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic. … [Read more...]

Flu updates, December 5

It's been a while since I brought you some flu updates... Here are your updates for this weekend. CDC: Swine flu less widespread, down to 32 states Finally, some good news about the flu swine from … [Read more...]

Children with asthma more susceptible to H1N1 flu

Children have been shown to be highly vulnerable when it comes to catching the H1N1 flu. Furthermore, children with asthma seem to be more likely to develop serious symptoms and complications. This is … [Read more...]

Flu updates, November 10

Pandemic (H1N1) 2009, Ukraine The Ministry of Health of Ukraine reported more than 250,000 cases with flu-like symptoms this week. 235 patients have been admitted to intensive case and 70 deaths have … [Read more...]

What’s new with the flu, October 6

This morning, I am bringing you the latest news from the flu front. Flu fears prompt review of hockey handshake Can a handshake give you the flu? Apparently, sports officials in Canada are … [Read more...]

What’s the latest in health care, June 15

Late last week, there were several events that may have a major impact on health care so that I deemed it wise to have a special health care update post first thing on Monday morning. What's the … [Read more...]

Update on the swine/Mexican flu epidemic

The pandemic alert level of 5 out of a 6-point scale has been declared by the World Health Organization with regards to the swine or Mexican flu. The flu which was originally reported in Mexico has … [Read more...]

Newsbreaker in health care: public health emergency due to swine flu in the US

As of Sunday, April 26, 2009, the number of confirmed cases of swine flu in the US has reached 20. In view of the current situation, the federal government has declared a public health emergency, … [Read more...]

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