The teenage brain and how it works

Just as nutrition in the early childhood years is crucial to a schoolchild’s IQ, the experiences of the adolescent brain can affect behavior as adult. It was always assumed the brain is fully … [Read more...]

Walnuts against stress

Here is another autumn health superstar that we shouldn’t forget about: WALNUTS. This nut that closely resembles the brain has been shown to be good for heart health, a delicious brain food, and … [Read more...]

Anti-stress strategies: how to keep stressors at bay

Kids. Work. Relationships. These are things that can give color to our lives. They can also be a source of stress. Research has linked stress to many chronic conditions, including cardiovascular … [Read more...]

Tackling Stress in the Modern World

In the fast-paced world nearly everyone lives in today, stress is an ever-present possibility. Just-in-time manufacturing, instant news from around the world, computers and a host of other modern … [Read more...]

Stress and Alcohol

'She drove me to drink' used to be a popular phrase. Its essential meaning is that stress induces people to consume alcohol. While it's true that stress can be an incentive to drink, it's equally true … [Read more...]

Curing Stress – Techniques

No doubt it's impractical to try to 'cure' stress in the sense of eliminating all occurrences. But there are several practical short-term and effective long-term strategies for minimizing it and its … [Read more...]

What Causes Stress?

One of the facts that makes identifying the causes of stress difficult is that they can be nearly anything and can differ from person to person. Losing a job, ending a close relationship, discovering … [Read more...]

The Stresses Our Bodies Go Through

By Markus Skupeika You may not know it but we put our bodies through so much that we do not know how bad it is for us. Sometimes lifting heavy objects can cause back pain or even standing up all day … [Read more...]

The Effects of Stress on the Brain

By Leon Edward When the human body first experiences stress adrenaline takes over and causes a chain-reaction within the nervous system. The heart begins to beat faster, the sizes of the body’s blood … [Read more...]

Stress Symptoms

By Donovan Baldwin You would think that anyone knows when they are under stress, but that is not always so. The symptoms can sometimes be difficult to spot, particularly by the afflicted person. It's … [Read more...]

Stress linked to nurses’ health problems: study

Work stress, low autonomy and lack of respect have been linked, at higher than average rates, to health problems among Canada's 314,900 nurses, says a new study by Statistics Canada. Thirty-one per … [Read more...]

Liz Strauss and Stress Management writing for you .. .. that uniquely Liz elegance, heart, and creativity You can be more productive, if you can manage your stress. Here are a few good links to articles written by Liz … [Read more...]

Why is Stress Harmful?

By Stuart Nelson The Mechanism When something happens to trigger feelings of stress in us, our body is programmed to make certain adjustments to our normal state. Indeed, our body chemistry changes … [Read more...]

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