Dementia, Alzheimer’s, the Elderly and Sex (part 3)

Okay, this is my last post on the whole dementia, Alzheimer's and sex subject. But this subject really has me thinking about the rights of people with dementia. Is a 14 or 15 year old any more able … [Read more...]

Fight (with) the Power-Power of Attorney

For the next couple of days, we'll take a look at some of the legal issues facing caregivers and Alzheimer's patients. It is an incontestable fact that Alzheimer's will ultimately render the one who … [Read more...]

Stage 7 Alzheimer’s Disease – Caregiver Response

I have been sort of avoiding writing this post.  As I have described each stage of Alzheimer's disease, I can remember my mother and how she declined through the stages.  I can remember the anxiety … [Read more...]

Stage 6 Alzheimer’s Disease-Caregiver Response

I started talking about the stages of Alzheimer's disease on Last Thursday. In that post, I covered stages one and two, on Monday, I talked about stages three and four.  On Tuesday, I covered stage … [Read more...]

Stage 5 Alzheimer’s Disease-Caregiver Response

Today is the third day that I've discussed the stages of Alzheimer's disease.  People are very different and they all start from different "norms."  For example, I have an excellent memory for phone … [Read more...]

Stages 3 and 4 Alzheimer’s Disease-Caregiver Response

Last week I talked about how to know if it's Alzheimer's disease and I ended the segment on Thursday with a discussion about stages one and two.  I promised that, for this week, I'd finish up the … [Read more...]

Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease – Caregiver Response

This post discusses Alzheimer's Disease Stages One and Two  I promised that I'd talk about stages, and in the meantime, I got a GREAT idea that I believe will be quite beneficial.  You and I both know … [Read more...]

Alzheimer’s Disease and Incontinence

Yesterday, we talked about the fact that incontinence and Alzheimer's disease are companions. Today, I want us to investigate incontinence a little deeper. We'll look at types of incontinence and … [Read more...]

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