Doctor Offers Self Defense Tips for Women

I just found this health related video on YouTube ... and thought you might enjoy it! For … [Read more...]

Airport scanners are safe but you have the right to say no!

While travelling last December – January from the northern to the southern hemisphere, I and my family must have gone through at least 10 different security check points. I don’t think we ever went … [Read more...]

Parents are the key to prevent teen driving crashes

I have twin seven-year old boys and though I look forward to the day when they leave the nest, I also dread the coming of puberty and the potential problems that come with it. Alcohol, drugs and … [Read more...]

Have a safe and healthy winter

January is Cold Weather Safety Month in the US. Down here in NZ where I am now with my family, it’s actually summer time though it’s been rainy and wet in the west coast of New Zealand, Still, it’s … [Read more...]

Heart(y) News, October 22: drugs for and against the heart

A new drug that is good for the heart... FDA approves dabigatran for stroke prevention, embolism, in AF patients Good news for the German pharma Boehringer Ingelheim. The US FDA has recently … [Read more...]

Safety tips for Halloween

Boo! Halloween is here. This Saturday actually. It can be fun but also dangerous especially for little kids. Health experts therefore give us some tips (from the American Academy of Pediatrics) on how … [Read more...]

World Health Day: Making hospitals safe in emergencies

Last April 7 was World Health Day, a special day around the world when global health is placed in the limelight. World Health Day is sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO) and partner … [Read more...]

The promises and threats of e-cigarettes

Can cigarettes ever be healthy? The manufacturers and distributors of e-cigarettes claim that this latest import from China called "e-cig" is the healthiest alternative to real cigarettes that you can … [Read more...]

How safe is our tap water?

Have you ever wondered how safe is your tap water? Researchers at the Southern Nevada Water Authority in Las Vegas screened tap water from 19 US water utilities for 51 different compounds between … [Read more...]

Fall Prevention

One of the major concerns of dealing with a person who has Alzheimer's disease is safety, and as the disease progresses, falls become a serious health hazard. I ran across this article the other day … [Read more...]

Organizing Your Kitchen-Safety First!

So, are you getting control of your clutter? How's the organization coming along? Here's what we've covered so far. Why Get Organized? General Organization 101 Caregiver Organization Books and … [Read more...]

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